E-Invitation: A Modern & Green Wedding Approach

Going by the dictionary, a wedding is an amalgamation of two people that entitles them to live together as a lawfully married couple. But, if you ask a bride and groom, a wedding might be one of the most important events for them; a milestone that will mark the beginning of a beautiful journey.

Modern & Green Wedding Approach

This auspicious ceremony is, without doubt, a fun-filled occasion with pretty décor, dressed up people, mesmerizing rituals, music, and tremendous happiness. The wedding ceremonies and receptions are an epitome of togetherness and gayness. Still, if you look closely, it’s the product of coordinated efforts and preparations done by two families. 

Preparing and sending invitations is one major part of the preparation, and this article will help streamline that part, making it fun and immersive.

Preparing the guest list

This might be an exhaustive task, which might not sound as appealing as choosing the wedding dress, occasion, and cake tasting, but preparing a guest list is an essential step to streamline the process. Before moving forward, it is ideal that both the bride and groom’s families have clear expectations regarding the contribution of finances and how many guests they are willing to invite. In most cases, 50-50 is the ideal approach, where either family gets to prepare half of the guest list to avoid any last-minute surprises or disputes. 

Start with writing the names of your close friends and relatives, who are in regular touch with you and are desperately looking forward to your big day. This will be your A-list (prioritized). Now, for the B-list, add names of people who are in the second layer of your circle. If you’re planning a budget wedding, don’t just crunch the guest list yet, send invites for the A-list first and track your RSVPs before sending invites for the B-list.

Designing Invites

In recent years, wedding trends have changed drastically. Most ceremonies are now based on unique themes that are decided by the couple itself. These themes usually determine the dress code, kind of cake, music, décor, invites, and whatnot. Your invites must carry the essence of your togetherness so that the guests can easily figure the kind of occasion.

You can make your invites classy and chic by using fresh and sophisticated designs that align with the wedding theme. Even the typefaces, kind of pictures, message, and the presentation will speak volumes about the wedding. Your guests will get the first glimpse of your wedding through your invites, and you can add to the first impression by refining this communication and invitation process.

Most couples are now inclined towards E-invites that add grace to the invitation and make them more immersive. Electronic invites are not only visually appealing but environment-friendly, less time consuming, and hassle-free. 

InVideo is a popular slideshow making software that is available online, and couples can use the same to create impressive visual invites. Couples can create beautiful time-lapse videos by adding a series of pictures, starting from the first time they met until the day before the wedding. 

Physical Invites v/s E-invites

Physical invites have been popular since the old times, and it’s hard to disagree that this mere piece of paper feels elegant and highly tangible. Many people believe that wedding preparation is incomplete without the traditional addressing and packing of invitations in beautifully handcrafted envelopes. Biodegradable paper, hemp sheets, pressed leaves, and recycled papers have become quite popular, as more people are getting aware of the environment and promoting eco-friendly approaches for invitations.

Multimedia messages and invitations are far more charming and attractive, and we cannot undermine their significance in modern weddings. Many people still consider E-invites as a small gesture. Still, if you look at it from a universal perspective, this environment-friendly step adds significant value to your green and modern wedding. 

The wedding preparations are already a big hassle for both families and the couple, hence, electronic invites save a lot of effort, allowing them to invest their time in other vital preparations. Also, multimedia invitations won’t add a massive hole in your pocket, keeping the wedding budget aligned.

The Latest Trend: Video Invites

Video and audio are highly engaging and easily catch the viewer’s attention as compared to old-school printed text invites. Video invites are the new trend that passes on the invitation of the host in a beautiful and immersive way. Most couples even shoot specialized videos, along with heartfelt messages, to catch hold of the invitee’s emotions while asking them to be a part of their special day.

Making video invites isn’t as tough as it might seem. It is easier than traditional printed cards and cuts all the hassle of designing, printing and distribution. You can create online invitations through video editing software such as InVideo that is easily available online. Such online applications provide an easy drag and drop user interface to make professional-looking videos. You can export your pictures, videos, music, and even add text to create a specialized invite. Alternatively, you can also choose from various pre-formatted templates and develop high definition video invites. 

Making video invitations can be interesting, once you have decided upon a theme, type of video, and a template. Couples usually have a massive pile of pictures in their camera roll, and they can start by gathering as many pictures they can. You can also record video messages, dance performances, or teasers to elevate the excitement quotient. You don’t need a professional camera or cameraman for the same, all you need is a good camera phone, along with fun and interesting ideas that you can incorporate in the invites. If you aren’t a techie, don’t worry, you can also use pre-formatted templates and let the video-making application do its magic!

Wedding preparations can be really fun and interesting, and we’re definite that this article will further enhance and tune up the process. 

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