7 Best wireless keyboards Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

No matter what task you have in mind, I can assume two things—it’s going to be on a computer, and you’ll be using your keyboard for at least half of it. They’re not just a simple little purchase; most newer keyboards come with keystroke warranties, validating up to 50 million keystrokes before you can expect your keyboard to break or at very least, diminish in performance quality.

I’m a writer myself; I’ve logged in over 1.8 million keystrokes per project, and a new keyboard is no easy purchase to me. There’s a reason you see department stores dedicate half of or an entire aisle to keyboard displays—they get the picky customers, like me. When it’s something you’ll be using for years and years to come, you want to make sure you’re purchase is valid in its expense. I like to think of it like buying a typewriter—they were the main way of conveying information, and when you really think about it, essential as can be.Today we’re going to look at keyboards under different classification: mechanical, backlit, ergonomic, and everything in between. They all share one thing in common—we’re not going to spend over $150.00. Apart from that, each of them serve a key purpose.

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop-Best Wireless Keyboard For Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel

Good For: Business Usage / Carpal Tunnel

Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

Personal bias aside, you’re looking at a top-of-the-line model here. Sure, when you hear about something being “state of the art” it’s an appliance, or engineering marvel such as a vehicle. Anything that can relieve pain to those suffering with carpal tunnel or rheumatoid arthritis is innovative to me. With the stylish design and unique shape, the Microsoft Sculpt is definitely a viable option for your next purchase.

The Sculpt is designed specifically for navigating your Windows OS with ease. (It was made by Microsoft; what else would we expect?) There’s a handy Windows button which provides access to the Start screen in both Windows 8 and Windows 10. We have a four-way scrolling wheel for navigating any direction on a page. The whole package is condensed into a compact fit, suited specifically for the traveling businessman/businesswoman. Microsoft also outfitted this delightful keyboard with BlueTrack Technology, claiming it works on just about any surface, whether it be your tray on a plane, or those awkward table at your hotel’s lobby. This does it all.

The raised keys split right down the middle through the spacebar. The detached numpad is exceptionally comfortable to use, and personally, I’ve always added an additional numpad component via USB to my computers, though more often than not, this is thought of a negative trait. They can stay right by your mouse and make for lightning-fast data entry and calculations. Wrap this all up with the cushy pad for your wrists to rest on. Microsoft really put their best foot forward with this design.Sculpt comes with a USB port requirement, and requires 1 AA alkaline battery to operate. You’ll need 150MB of free hard drive space to store the drivers that come with Sculpt. You can find numerous reviews both on Microsoft’s website, alongside other third party websites describing the relief of pain that comes to those suffering with joint damage or arthritis. Unlike bulky ergonomic keyboard models, the Sculpt really packs everything you need in a keyboard down into the right-sized package.


  •  Did not flare up existing tissue problems during extended typing session


  •  Included numpad is detached and slides on desk top
Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Wireless Desktop Keyboard and Mouse

Nixeus Pro Mechanical Keyboard-Best Wireless Keyboard For Writers

Good For: Writers / Work-From-Home

I absolutely love mechanical keyboards. Something about the clickity clackety of the keys just syncs up with the rhythm of typing. Nixeus makes us an interesting styled mechanical keyboard, seeming half-modern and half-retro with its eggshell white color.

Nixeus doesn’t spare a dime on proper build and detail. The body is aluminum, which as we all know holds up ten times better than cheap plastic. It’s fully-integrated with numpad and given the build, this mechanical keyboard is created with third-party modifiers in mind. In the words of Nixeus.com, “Designed with a floating key form factor, every MX compatible switch are mounted on a single military grade metal plate to provide solid build quality and longer life.”

Standard keyboards give you warranties, and Nixeus Pro is no different. However, their keystroke guarantee is something of immeasurable note: 50 million keystrokes and it should still be kicking. That’s the different between mechanical keyboards and common membrane keyboards, and that’s the difference between Nixeus and the competition. You get a 3 year warranty, to boot.This keyboard comes complete with extra MAC keycaps (oh, did I mention it’s Mac compatible?) and a key cap remover; last but not least, a dust cleaning brush for us OCD typists. For the aluminum chassis and full keyboard (104 keys) you’re only looking at 2 pounds of weight for the whole package deal. It connects via a USB micro transmitter, and seamlessly meets all of your requirements.


  •  Surety on durability; you’ll have it for years


  •  Short-term battery life
 Nixeus Moda Pro Mechanical Switch, Soft Tactile Feedback Keyboard

Ajazz Firstblood Geek RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-Best Wireless Keyboard For Gaming

Good For: Gamers / Writers

Backlighting—alert, we have backlighting! This unique keyboard by Ajazz offers an RGB rainbow backlit display, along with three other backlight modes. You can use the FN options to play around with 5 brightness levels and 5 light breathing speeds; customizable to every extent.

Mechanical keyboards are notably louder than membrane keyboards, which some prefer. As with all mechanical keyboards, there is a substantially increased amount of hardware within the actual keyboard, and this comes in weighing at just under 2 pounds. Not the most portable, but definitely still a great product.We’re missing the numpad, but other features have still lifted this excellent keyboard to the third spot on our list. Based on numerous consumer reviews, we have a consensus that you can really feel the quality build across the entire device. Solid construction has never been shunned, am I right?

If you do choose to go with the Ajazz Firstblood, you’ll be impressed and amazed at what spectacular quality you were able to afford for under $60.00.


  •  Small design is perfect for gaming; no stretching across a wide keyboard for controls


  •  Slides on desktop, making it rough for hardcore gaming sessions
Ajazz Firstblood Geek RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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