Best Bathroom Shelves

Shelving is important accessory in many rooms throughout the home, especially in small areas such as bathrooms. Bathroom shelves have the ability to provide extra storage for holding items such as towels and bathroom essentials while also freeing up counter space.

There are many things that people should take into consideration before buying this type of shelving, with the quality of the shelving being one of the most important aspects.

Shelving for bathrooms comes in a variety of styles to choose from, including some with additional space-saving features. Bathroom shelves are located at home improvement stores and online at eBay and amazon.

Knowing which bathroom shelves are the best can help in the buying process.

Organize It All 1750 Shelf

The Organize It All 1750 Shelf iis a popular item for variety of reasons. This particular brand and model of shelving comes with a towel rack that features a chrome finish. Weighing slightly more than 2.50 lbs, this bathroom shelf mounts on the wall leaving more floor room free, reducing the appearance of clutter which allows the bathroom space to appear larger. This unit has a modern look.


  • 2 sturdy towel rods
  • Shiny chrome finish
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Top shelf rack

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