Best Motion Sensor Lights Reviews

Motion sensor lights are a convenient and easy way to get more security around the perimeter of your home. They are also excellent for adding extra light wherever you need it and are commonly used for gardens, outside garages, in the backyard or front yard, on patios or porches or even in stairways.

Motion sensor lights work by detecting movement and activating a light for a period of time. If no other motion is detected for usually 30 seconds or so, the light will shut off again. These convenient lights are very good for deterring prowlers and can scare away someone that is lurking around your home or yard.

There are hundreds of different styles and types of motion sensor lights.  You can get them for indoors and outdoors for a multitude of uses.  You can even use motion sensor lights for areas of your home that need sporadic light such as a closet or pantry where you don’t have a regular light and only need light occasionally.

There are several things you will want to consider when you are researching motion sensor lights for your home.  These different points will help you sort through the large selection of motion sensor lights so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and preferences.

Take a look at three top rated motion sensor lights that are customer favorites for their performance, cost, ease of installation and longevity.

Best Overall Motion Sensor Lights

Mr. Beams Wireless LED Spotlight with Motion Sensor

Mr. Beams MB363 Wireless LED Spotlight

Mr. Beam provides homeowners with a three pack of motion sensor lights that have numerous features that make them a perfect choice.  The extremely bright LEDs use very little power; only 140 lumens.

The motion sensor turns the spot lights on as motion is detected and then will turn them off automatically after 30 seconds of no movement which will preserve the battery. The weatherproof design is durable and can handle rain and snow with ease.

The installation is wireless and simple to do and provides your home with 350 square feet of coverage for each light.

These motion sensor lights are battery operated and make a great solution for walkways, paths, yards, stairways and more.  Each light can pick up movement from as far as 30 feet and there is 180 degrees of motion each as well.Why We Like It

These LEDs will never need replacing and will provide as much as 1800 activations each light on one set of batteries. These lights come with 9 screw, a user manual, and mounting brackets as well. They need 9 D batteries to operate which will need to be purchased separately.

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