7 Best Water Cooler Dispenser Reviews-Buyer Guide 2020

Looking for the best water cooler dispensers on the market? … No worries, we got you covered.
Water Coolers are no longer an office luxury, water coolers have become a convenient must-have appliance for the household and office.  When you’re battling through a hot summer day, while you melt into your sofa, a water dispenser is an ideal option to keep you refreshed.

Using a water cooler is not a rocket science. But getting the best unit is not a piece of cake when you’ve got so many choices in the market. Your investment is valuable. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of best water dispensers that ensures continuous delivery of pure water with the desired temperature.

Apart from being a great source of pure cold water, water coolers are popular for reasons such as:

  • Easy installation is the key attraction. (Plumbing services are required for special units only)
  • Compact design is another key benefit of a water dispenser in your kitchen or office.

From reading this guide, you’ll gain progressive knowledge about best water coolers available in the market. Whether you need to get new one or replace the older traditional cooler, we’ve covered your back!

Water Cooler Dispenser

Primarily, we will review the best water coolers in this article. For those who have no prior experience with coolers or want to gather more information, let’s briefly talk about benefits of water coolers.

  • Portable units do not need plumbing assistance, as you can use them without hooking to a water line. Just place a bottle or jar of water to get a clean & pure water!
  • Choosing a top water cooler is a no-brainer. Just bring it home and plug it into power. Lifting or pushing down the lever is the only thing to learn about it.
  • Maintenance of a water cooler is easy with zero cost. For proper functioning over a long period, just clean it once a month. If any of components stop working, replace it with a new one.

How Does a Water Cooler Work?

Unlike a standard portable cooler which focuses on insulation, keeping warm air out and keeping cold air in, the best water cooler dispensers functionality have a similar process to thermoelectric coolers.  So how does it work?

The refrigerant cooling system operates just like your fridge at home. A compressor in the cooler compresses a gas. This will increase the temperature of gas. This then the gas through a condenser, which will absorb the excessive heat.

The gas will be cooled down until it transforms into a liquid. Next, the system will push the gas through an expansion valve. This will make the gas even colder. This colder version of gas will move in an evaporator around the water reservoir to absorb the heat.

The latter method uses Peltier effect to cool down the water. In this system, Peltier device is the main component that relies on thermoelectric effect for cooling. When electricity moves through the device, the heat will be shifted from one side to another. This step results in cooling down the one side of the device. This way, your water becomes cooler!

Now, the cooler is ready to dispense pure & colder water into the glass!

Best Water Cooler Dispenser Reviews

#1 Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler – Top Water Cooler for efficiency 

Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

Number 1 on the best water cooler dispensers list, is the Whirlpool Cooler. A highly efficient water cooling system!

Whirlpool is an influential name when it comes to commercial water coolers. That’s why Whirlpool Commercial Water Color has secured top spot! Cut to the chase, a durable dispenser with elegant appeal!

This cooler features a Top-Load design. The body is composed of stainless steel. We are not talking about any ordinary stainless steel. The framework is highly durable and sturdy due to a use of commercial grade stainless steel. The elegance won’t fade away over the years, as it does not scratch or rust.

The relocation or transportation is not an issue for Whirlpool dispenser. Because the dimensions of 11.3 x 10.8 x 35 inches make it the most compact cooler in the market. And it weighs only 27 pounds.

You have two faucets in this unit which dispenses ice cold or hot water. Unlike conventional units, this one uses the ice to cool down the water at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

It features specialized faucets which have been created to prevent breakage.

One more thing, its one of the best water cooler dispensers when it comes to energy efficiency.


  • Highly durable and elegant cooler thanks to high-grade stainless steel architecture
  • Faucets won’t break easily
  • Easy to lift and maneuver


  • Room temperature water (not an option)
Whirlpool Commercial Water Cooler

MOJO Water Frost Bottleless Water Purification Cooler

MOJO Water Everest BottleLess Water Cooler

Looking for high capacity and advanced water cooler? You got one!

Mojo Water Frost Bottleless Water Dispenser is the product of cutting-edge technology. Along with cooling system, it employs advanced filtration technology to bring delicious water whenever you need.

This piece of work is perfect for the commercial and residential purpose. Whether you need it for office or kitchen or gymnasiums, this will work efficiently & quickly.

The standard water coolers have a faucet height of 24”, you have to bend to get water. You can avoid this frustration with MOJO cooler. This one features high faucet height of 38”, now you can pour water without straining your back.

The outlook is as amazing as the functionality. This machine is compatible with any environment thanks to sleek matte black finish.

Getting the hot or cold water is the matter of seconds with MOJO dispenser. Using the adjustable thermostat, you can set the desired temperature.

Inside the body, we have a stainless reservoir to heat or chill the water. Not to forget, this construction makes the whole system energy efficient.

The exterior mainly consists of ABS and stainless steel for long lasting usage.


  • Compelling and attractive outlook
  • High faucet height of 38 inches
  • Stainless steel internal reservoir for quick heating or chilling of water


  • High faucet (out of reach for kids)
MOJO Water Everest BottleLess Water Cooler

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